Closing a chapter (this time, I mean it!)
August Rush

What did I learn today?

I'm always suprised by what my kids show me everyday. Sydney spent time on my computer herself...playing a computer game!!!! OK, I am freaking out a little bit that my 3 year old is quite capable of using a mouse...ok, I'm really freaking out! Sean is learning how to make all kinds of sounds and now pulls himself up on everything! Right now, as I blog, they are both playing together in Sydney's room...playing together...hence, why I have a moment to blog! These little people that are learning and growing everyday amaze me how quickly they adapt and learn brand new things. Why is it in life as we get older we struggle to learn new things as we age? We start out learning so much so fast and then we get into "life" and the routine zaps our ability to change and learn like we did as kids. It may just be me, but I see this alot in myself and in others around me and I don't like it. That sense of adapting and learning keeps me fresh and observant -not just going through another day...ok, so we don't have their what! We can make a serious effort to learn something new everyday and keep that freshness in our lives that we so desperately need as we get older. Sydney learned how to use a mouse...what did I learn today?