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Dan in Real Life

It has been awhile since Todd and I have wanted to spend the money on a movie. You can rent so soon after they come out and well, we haven't really wanted to see anything recently (which is weird for us because we are such movie people!). So it was a wonderful treat to actually go see a movie and think it was worth it! This was a FANTASTIC movie! We are big Steve Carrell fans so we thought we would love it, but we REALLY did. The soundtrack is original songs by Sondre Lerche and they are terrific. All of the good parts were not in the trailers so you will enjoy seeing the story unfold. Spend the money... it is actually worth it.

NYC visit


Sydney and I spent this past week in NYC visiting was awesome...I will be blogging in more detail about specifics this week as I return to the blog world, but it was a very important 5 days for me on many levels.  I needed some closure to my life there and I really felt like I achieved that with this visit.  It was so great to see all of my friends, but as I spent time with them and as I was flying back home (after a 6 hour delay!), I knew I was going home to Hilton Head...more to come...

It's official!





So Sunday was our "official" Grand Opening of our church campus on HHI...We had 147 people and about 30 were kids!  It was very cool...What is so neat is the worship team that has come together is really starting to gel.  I have a flute, a cello, percussion, 2 singers, and I program loops for us.  It is a very cool sound.  I'm writing and arranging charts like mad!  Honestly, that is what is so fun for me and has always been so fun - I love the arranging part of planning worship.  Our service is a little different in that we start with 2 or3 up beat songs and then we do the welcome/announcements, and sermon set-up (Todd does this). We go right to the sermon on video and then Todd will wrap it and pray afterward.  Then we have a time of response every week where we offer worship stations for people to create their own response to God each week.  We offer communion every week.  We have a cross station that has pillows and paper and pens for people to sit and write their thoughts or confessions to God and leave them at the cross (we do not read these).  We also have a tithes and offering station where people can physically give their offering in a beautiful offering box that one of our members made specifically for us - we do not "pass the plate." We sing songs of response while this is all taking place.  What has been so cool is that after awhile, people will just start randomly standing up and singing with us and by the end of the response time, everyone is standing and singing with us without me saying one word!  I really didn't know if people would respond here to such a free form worship experience, but they love it!  It has really been amazing.  The best part is that we leave this way!  No announcements at the end...I just dismiss them!  The whole service is usually about 65-70 minutes. So, for those of you who plan services, I highly recommend this format.  We have every age group represented in our church and from what they tell me, they are all connecting with it.  Anyway, I need to run so I can actually get some work done for this Sunday!  Enjoy the pictures!


I'm working at an ABC today (Atlanta Bread Company) over in Savannah - Working on loops for the band for Sunday, picking video backgrounds for the lyrics on the screens for Sunday, and listening to David Crowder's new album REMEDY. I was listening to one of my favorite Christian Bands for the 90's today in the truck on the way here and to compare these 2 records is so cool. There were more vocals in the 90's - less vocals now - guitars are the deal now - tons of keyboard pads then. No matter the differences, the reason I really love a song is always the marriage of the lyrics and the music. When the writer seems to be in that special place where they come together so perfectly, I feel like I am right there with them. I listen for that all the time - no matter the band or the style - you can find those moments and they are truly amazing. And I find that I am always brought back to a special place when I hear that song no matter how much time has past or if I have just heard it for the 1st time...I love listening...

Walk America


I have had 2 children who did not make it to their due date..they were both born 3 weeks early.  We were very blessed that Sydney and Sean were healthy and did not have any premature issues that required them to stay in the hospital longer than I did.  So when our stroller fitness class, Once Upon a Workout, was asked to be a team for the March of Dimes ,Walk America, that helps in the fight of prevention of premature births, this cause hit very close to my heart.  It was great to be out there today walking on the beach with other moms and dads and grandparents and friends who have been impacted by this issue in their lives.  As I walked and talked with my friend Shannon, I was thanking God in my heart for my 2 beautiful kids and how grateful I am that they were both born healthy. There were some there walking in memory of those who are not with us and my heart was broken for them as I read their shirts .."In Loving memory..."  Sometimes the hurt in our world (when it comes to children) overwhelms me, especially now that I am a mother. I guess it has made me understand better how God must have felt to send His only Son, Jesus, to this cruel earth.  He understands what it means to grieve for a child.  So today, I've hugged my kids a little tighter...

Fixing Things

Do you ever feel like so much of your time is spent repairing and restoring things around you?  I was thinking today about how much time we as a family spend just keeping everything about our lives in working order.  We have cell phone issues in our family - Todd nor I can get a cell phone to last very long - whether we lose them, drop them in the toilet (that was me!), or replace battery chargers (at least 6 times a year!). So now would be about 6 months I have had my phone, so it's time for it to die...and it did.

"Never invest your money in anything that eats or needs repairs." - Billy Rose

Patches of Godlight

One of the most enjoyble "pick-me ups" that I do as much as I can is to wander around Barnes and Noble. I search my favorite authors just to see if possibly I have missed a new book they have written and every now and then I stumble across a gem. This happened recently and I have to share this book with you. I am a huge Jan Karon fan and for those of you that have read her Mitford series, you are familiar with Father Tim Kavanagh (they are not girl books, guys!). Throughout these books, Father Tim referes to his personal journal and his thoughts as he records them. Jan took these thoughts from the entire series and put them in one book entitled Patches of Godlight - quotes from C.S. Lewis, Lord Byron, Aristotle, Thoreau, The Bible, and so many more. This collection has been such a wonderful refreshment for me. Whether you have read Jan Karon's work or not , you will enjoy this collection of great quotes and thoughts. Check it out...