Seacoast Church
Syd's perspective

So it begins...



Tomorrow is a big day in the Cullen house...big day...Sydney starts preschool.  Just a couple days a week, but this is a BIG deal around here.  Sydney is my little pal.  We have had quite the journey over the last 3 years - Atlanta, NYC, now Hilton Head - she has been my little go-with-the-flow buddy and has loved every minute of her first 3 years of life.  So it begins..the growing up and the letting go...of course, she's fine - she can't wait!  I, on the other hand, am going to need a grande white chocolate mocha and one big muffin after we drop her off with a box of tissue on the side.  I'm not crying because I don't want her to go.  I'm crying because of how sweet it has been to be with her everyday and I'm overwhelmed with the memories thus far. I'm so honored that God chose me to be Sydney's mom.