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I have been struck lately at how important these 2 little words are to me...When I have some very focused time by myself to gather my thoughts, journal, walk through a bookstore, drink coffee and think, it AMAZES me how it turns on the fire hydrant of creativity!  I get worried sometimes that I may not have any new ideas or that my creative juices are worn out (I have been a part of the creative planning of church services as an adult for about 15 years, but really even before that when my dad was a pastor in the 80's).  Through the trends and through alot of failed attempts at "being cool", I was reminded during some"creative space" this past week of the importance of authenticity. That is what I long for when I worship God.  I can create the most out-of-the-box, outlandish, trendy, on-the-edge video or song or whatever to enhance the worship experience - but if I am not authentic, it's just "smoke and mirrors." (Thank you, Jerome Olds).  Get some creative won't believe what will happen!