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A Good friend



I had the opportunity this past week to visit my best friend from high school, Nicolette Panayiotou (now Phillips!) for a few days with the kids.  Altogether, we have 5 kids between us - her 3 boys and my 2.  Words cannot express what getting together with an old friend is truly like.  Maybe it is the experiences of the last few years for me that have made me value and treasure friendships so much more or just getting older, but our time together was rich.  Of course, we had 5 kids to take care of at the same time, but they were ALL in bed at 9 pm every night so we were really proud of ourselves (Todd stayed here and her husband Tom was at school finishing up his Doctorate).  We laughed alot and looked at old pictures and read old yearbooks...it was truly therapeutic!  Nic and I were always very much alike - it was really weird when I drove up in my Honda Odyssey and hers was parked in the garage!  She has some of the same outfits I have for Sean - it was funny!  But, it was just great to see a friend from my past and witness God's grace and blessing in her life.  Her family is awesome and her boys are beautiful!  Trent - 7, Brayden - 4,  Jackson - 6 months.  A good friend is a treasure and though Nic and I do not see each other as often as we would like, it was like no time had passed between us..that is a good friend.   Thanks for being my friend, Nic!  My life is better because you are a part of my life...