Feeling at home
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6 months

This week, I am concluding 6 months of me with no job and here are my thoughts on that...Yes, I did have a baby and I did move from one part of the country to another in that time - however, I realized something about myself that I was pretty sure of before these last 6 months but now is TOTALLY confirmed - for the sake of my sanity, my marriage, and my kids - mommy needs a job!  I have never in my adult life had this much time without a job and honestly, I was really looking forward to it.  Granted, I didn't enjoy spending the first month of it on a couch on bedrest, but to just focus on my kids and the move was something I was really happy about.  There was no way I could have worked with all that needed to be done and a new baby, but it was amazing to me how much that aspect of my life being non-existent really made me off balance.  I found out that I was not a better mother or a better wife - I was actually worse!  I seemed to focus too much on the kids and the house to the point of driving my husband and my kids crazy!!!  Todd told me this past week," It is amazing how much different you are now that you are working with me on the new church stuff."  I am SO glad that I had this time of self-discovery.  I am so blessed that I had these 6 months to really take a look at my life and what is important to me and how I really WANT to live my life.  What a privilege and I am really serious about that.  I know what side of the fence is best for me and my family is happy about that, too!