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Soho South Cafe




Last weekend, my friend Kim came over to Savannah (which is about 45 minutes from HH) and we spent the night there and did some shopping and eating (of course!).  It was a Mother's Day weekend treat!  We ate at this fabulous cafe for lunch that you MUST try out if you visit Savannah - Soho South Cafe.  Fabulous lunch and the atmosphere was so cool!  It is an art gallery, bookstore, retail shop, and restaurant all in one.  Every table is totally unique - picnic tables, bistro tables, vintage breakfast tables - very eclectic.  The food was great and the service was awesome.  It is located in downtown Savannah on Liberty Street - don't miss this place!


For those of us who were privileged to know Dr. Falwell personally, he was "Doc."  Believe me, I know that Doc could be very abrasive and the media loves to play up that side of him, but one-on-one, he was a kind and giving man.  I served at Thomas Road  Baptist during my college years with the music ministry so I got to interact alot with him behind the scenes.  He was bigger than life, but very down to earth.   When I got engaged to Todd, he was so proud because he knew it was because we met at Liberty...he got a big smile across his face.  We will miss you , Doc, but I know the Lord is glad your home with him...

The Legacy of Kay Boyd



On Friday, May 4th, Grandma Kay (Todd's mother's mom) left this world and is finally at home with Jesus. Todd, Sean, and I made a trip this past weekend to Tampa, FL to be with his family.  As I sat there in the service on Monday listening to Todd talk about his grandma (who I had the privilege of knowing for 15 years), I was hit with this word - legacy.  I was sitting there holding my 3 month old son and looking at the casket of his grandma and I wanted so desperately for her to know Sean, but she never met him.  One life ends and another begins.  She never treated me like an in-law.  She treated me as her own granddaughter.  She introduced me to good flea market shopping and we loved talking about books. She read everything and introduced me to 2 of my favorite authors - Jan Karon and Richard Paul Evans.  Todd would not be who he is today if it had not been for Grandma Kay.  She invested so much into his life spiritually and prayed for him as a child that he would use his life for God.  I reap the benefits of Grandma Kay's life everyday.  She left such a legacy of kindness and devotion to her personal relationship with God.  These kinds of life experiences never leave you unchanged and I am grateful for that.  As much as we miss her already, she is not in anymore pain. We have the responsibility to her legacy to continue in the kindness and the spiritual devotion that she showed us.  We will miss you, grandma...

Jumpin' & Cryin'

I know my blogs have been sparse lately, but I am sparing you the reader from my emotional roller coasters...moving with a 6 week old baby and leaving a place you love can cause quite the stir in the ol' emotional tank.  Not to mention an almost 3 year old that hasn't had her mom functioning at full capacity for at least the last 5 months...guilt - check!  The light is finally dawning (or maybe I am just excited about seeing Spider-Man 3 on Saturday!!! Yes, I already have tickets).  Whatever this ride has been the last few months, it has not been boring!  Todd and I moved to NYC to help our good friends start a church...God makes it very clear to us that we had fulfilled our purpose in going to NYC, and now we are here in a place very much like NYC as far as people and we are starting another church...this time, though, it is just the 2 of us (isn't that a song?)  I have intense feelings of such gratitude for how God has given Todd and I such great adventures with Him and at the same time I feel sick when I think about it...Have you ever wanted to jump up and down at the same time that you want to curl up in a ball and cry?  I can finally identify with David in the Bible in the book of Psalms when he would write such words of lament and follow them with words of such exuberance(I am doing a study on David's life right now...). "Why am I discouraged?  Why is my heart so sad? I will put my hope in God!  I will praise him again—my Savior and my God!" Ps. 42:11.   My heart aches for my friends I have left at different places on the journey - to see my daughter develop friendships and have to leave them - and yet I wouldn't trade this new road for anything because this is where HE wants me to for now, I am living in both worlds... joy and sorrow...they can go hand in hand.