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Beaufort, SC


Todd, Sean, and I spent the day in Beaufort, SC  on Saturday which is about 40 minutes from our house on Hilton Head Island.  Todd's parents were in town so they had Syd for the day.  We were planning on attending the air show, but the traffic was crazy.  We didn't even know about the crash till we got home that afternoon and saw it all over the news.  We saw black smoke in the skies while we were in downtown Beaufort walking around and wondered about it but never dreamed it was a crash...

Downtown Beaufort is beautiful!  Forrest Gump was filmed here. There are about 12 art galleries with a very wide range of art including local artists.  We found a local winery that actually operates in downtown Beaufort and the waterfront is gorgeous!  There are several NY Times bestselling authors that live in the low country (the name for this area).  We discovered their works in a couple of the bookstores.  There is beautiful outdoor seating at some really great restaurants.  We ate lunch at a brick oven pizza place called Paninis that my hair stylist recommended.  Such a jewel in this area that we are so happy to have discovered!



I'm sitting in the only room left with boxes- my office...I feel like my entire life has been boxes for 5 months.  It is amazing as we have been looking at photo albums and pictures how our life has been filled with so many good things.  My heart grieves for the moms and dads, husbands and wives of VA Tech students and teachers who are looking at their pictures today...I held my kids yesterday and thanked God for the mess and the frustrations of moving because I have my children and husband with me.  I'll take the boxes anyday... 

Grandpa Henefield and Sean

Sydney looks exactly like Todd's mother's family - the Boyds. In fact, the other day she was just sitting there and I thought I was looking at Todd's mother! Sean looks so much like my dad. He has the same grin and facial expressions - it is so amazing to see that in your children.

Settling In...

Today will be a week that we have resided here on Hilton Head Island...the weather has been fabulous!  I still can't find my clothes and we are up to our ears in boxes!  My kids are doing OK - both have had a 24-hour stomach bug which is no fun, but they have adjusted to their new home.  I am doing ok- just tired of being in transition, so I am ready to be settled for awhile. Todd moved into his new office today - he is so excited! Back to boxes...