Great comfort and good suffering
Final NYC Date night

An afternoon in NYC

Img_strand_bassI went out yesterday by myself for about 4 hours in the city.  It was refreshing to be outdoors even if it was 30 degrees!  There are just a couple of places I have wanted to visit before we move in 2 weeks and one was the The Strand BookStore.  It was really cool.  I picked up a copy of E.B. White's essay called Here is New York.  I was overwhelmed with sadness at leaving this city that has become a part of my DNA.  So many people many people who have not discovered why God created them and why they are here on this planet.  I look at people differently after living here.  I see more clearly how God made each person so unique and so special.  The diversity He created among us - it is truly remarkable!  I leave here 2 weeks from today with even more of a passion to serve others, to love others, and to give of myself more than I ever to love people.  This city has given me a great gift - the ability to see others maybe for the first time truly how God sees each one of us with our gifts, abilities, flaws, and personalities.  The whole  package is what makes us who we are.  I am so glad we have a creative God!