Sean's Baby Shower
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I know that most of you that know that I have been on bedrest for the last 3 weeks have secretly been laughing because you know my personality - it's OK - let out a chuckle!  Sean is doing great and I am fine - the bedrest is for pain management for me.  Any walking, sitting, talking, and yes,typing on this computer for more than a few minutes make my contractions start - oh fun!  I will make this brief today...I just wanted to say that this time that I have to read and just sit has been no fun for me personally, but as a family, Todd, Syd and I have REALLY bonded in a way that would never have happened without this.  I know Sean will be here at least by a week from tomorrow (Feb 5th) thanks to my wonderful doctor who is not going tot let me suffer anymore!  Anyway, my wonderful husband has been handling all the communication adn EVERYTHING with the house and Syd and that has been a great lifesaver for me as I am really just trying to rest...marry a good man, ladies!  You never know if you will be on bedrest at some point!  I will say that at least I know how he will be when I am old...he has been awesome and a saint!  So hopefully , the next blog will be about Sean David...that is my prayer today!