Gallery Ladies Christmas
2007 is here!

The meaning of all this


I wanted to do something this year at Christmas that my 2 and 1/2 year old could grasp about this time of year.  We live in the most enchanted city in the world at this time of year with the lights, trees, Santa at Macy's, etc...BUT, I wanted her to understand the REAL meaning.  I bought a Noel Calendar from John Pipers' ministry last year that his wife, Noel, designed for their family and Sydney really has gotten into that - I Highly recommend it ( BUT, how do we make this real?  How do we experience the joy of the Savior's birth now?

Todd and I decided to make bags for all of our neighbors in our building with homemade cookies and some candy and include an excerpt from One Solitary Life. Then, we made a couple extra bags for some of the homeless that we know in our neighborhood with a little cash added to them.  Syd was all into it today - making the cookies, stuffing the bags, delivering the bags to our neighbors...then we left tonight with our 2 extra and just decided we would give them to who we felt like we were being led to give to.  We found one guy and Syd walked right up to him and handed him the bag - he was very appreciative and thanked her.  Then it started to rain and get colder - so we knew the homeless usually find shelter off the streets when that we kept walking - I just asked God silently to lead us to the last person... we were crossing the street at 96th and Broadway and this woman was on crutches trying to hold the hand of her daughter who looked like Sydney's age.  The little girl fell in the crosswalk and Todd immediately went over to the mom and asked if he could help her.  She was very thankful for the help and Todd asked her if he could pick up her daughter and carry her for her.  She had about 6 more blocks to walk.  You know where this is going...she is a mom trying to make it without her daughter's father in the picture.  She thanked us over and over again for our help and I told her that we were meant to meet tonight.  She agreed and immediately begin talking about her faith and how she feels judged by her life and she needed to sense something good this Christmas.  I simply told her that God doesn't judge her and that He loves her just the way she is even if others judge her.  Sydney gave Helen (the little girl) the bag we prepared and we said Merry Christmas.  I put Gallery's website on the card I had inserted already and maybe she will visit sometime.

Todd is putting Sydney to bed as I type this - I hear her singing "Jesus loves me" upstairs with Him...tonight was the tangible meaning of all this coming together for me (probably more than for my daughter)...

"Jesus loves me this I know - for the Bible tells me so - little ones to Him belong - they are weak, but HE is strong...."

May the joy of the our Savior's birth become real once again to you this year...