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Fall for Dance Festival 2006

My Passion

I am taking one of our team members through Andy Stanley's book Visioneering on a weekly basis right now.  I was struck in my re-reading yesterday with what Andy talks about when he refers to a passion about something specifically.  I have always been around church - done church, attended church, made fun of church - okay , you get the picture - but not until recently have been really overwhelmed with how passionate I am to see the local church flourish.  I have lost more sleep in the past 10 months as we have started this church up here in New York than ANY other time in my life.  Not with worry (necessarily!), but honestly, with such burden over what God has called me to do here in this place.  Andy talks about this - that when you are passionate about something, it affects every fiber of your being -eating, sleeping - everything!  I am realizing I guess that this is not what I do because i have always done this - I really am passionate about it - and sometimes, at least for me - I tend to self-reflect too much and over-analyze.  What am I doing?  Why am I doing this?  Should I do something else?  It was just a great week for me coming to that realization(see cullenhouse blog for more insight on this past week!).  Just because you are good at something or other people think you are good at it doesn't mean it is what you were made to do - I feel like I am realizing that I was made to do this and I am really all about this.  No matter what I think I would like to do - this is what I do - and I love it deep down - even if on the outside my life sometimes is so mixed up that it is hard to see that I really like what I am doing...thanks for reading this and indulging my crazy brainwaves this week...