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Reflecting on 9/11


My songwriting partner, Donna Stroud, and I wrote a song in response to 9/11 called "Fragile."  It talks about how breakable this life is and how we have to treasure very moment.  As I see all the news reports that have started up this week and the ABC special that is getting a lot of heat, I wonder if we as Americans have forgotten really what 9/11 was all about.  I remember where I was when it happened and I remember knowing that life had changed as I knew it.  I watched my 2-year old daughter walk through a metal detector barefoot at the airport last week and thought," She will never know a world before 9/11."  I live in New York - everyday there are constant reminders of the aftermath of 9-11 - national guard with AK-47's at Penn Station; random searches of backpacks on the subway.  What has this taught us?  I know I value life everyday more than ever.  I treasure the moments I share with my husband and my daughter.  But most of all, I realize how much I am not in control and God is. He holds my future and has my days here on this earth in His hands (Psalm 139:16).  So, as you see the media get all over the technical stuff about 9/11, take a moment and think - how did 9/11 REALLY effect you?  Are you better or bitter about it?  Did life become more precious? Have you forgotten? 

You can listen to "Fragile" if you click on my sidebar link to my myspace account.