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Faith Healer


Last Saturday, I was privileged to make it for the final weekend of a play I desperately wanted to see this summer called Faith Healer with Ralph Fiennes, Cherry Jones and Ian McDiarmid.  It lived up to my expectations!  This play tells the story of a traveling faith healer (Frank Hardy), his long-time lover (Grace) and his devoted manager( Teddy). As the three bare their innermost thoughts, they ask potent questions about who we trust, what we know and why we believe.  It was all performed in monologue by each of the 3 actors and then a final monologue by Ralph Fiennes.  In my opinion, Cherry Jones stole the play! Her portrayal of Grace Hardy, Frank's wife, was captivating.  It was a very emotional monologue filled with desperation yet a strength in her character that you admired.  The combination of these 3 very powerful actors made it so memorable to me.

Soulfest 2006



I was invited as well as Brett to participate in the tent at Soulfest 2006 in Gilford, New Hampshire this past Friday night.  We left the city early on Friday and drove about 4 1/2 hours to Gunstock Recreation Area where this 5-day Christian Music Festival was taking place.  Matt Maher and Leeland opened the late night deal.  It was great!  We also led with 2 other worship leaders from the Massachusetts area.  We got on the road at about 1 am and I got to bed around 7 am Saturday morning (whew!)  It is such a privilege to be a part of anything that worshiptogether does - they really have the heartbeat of the local church and that is so refreshing!

A living mystery


In my reading today from Walking on Water by Madeleine L'Engle, I was so struck by a couple of pages that I had to share this.  In chapter 2, she discusses our need to qualify arts as Christian or non-Christian.  She stated that the sad thing is that there are deeply committed Christians who want to do great art, write stories, compose music all for God's glory but may not have been given the talent.  However, a non-Christian or even an atheist may have an abundance of this gift.  "God is no respecter of persons, and this is something we are reluctant to face."  She goes on to say how we would like for God's ways to be our ways.  It is difficult for us to understand that God would give enormous talent to people WE think are unworthy.  We tend to qualify our own gifting based upon what the financial kick-back is to us.  We may be surprised when we get to Heaven and realize that the woman that lived a very non-public and selfless life may have had a greater impact on this world than Shakespeare himself.  To quote one of her sources, Emmanuel,Cardinal Suhard,"To be a witness does not consist in engaging propaganda, nor even in stirring people up, but in being a living mystery.  It means to live in such a way that one's life would not make sense if God did not exist."

South Street Seaport



Between 1815-1860, this seaport was known around the world.  Located on the East River next to the Brooklyn Bridge,  this area has been transformed into a great shopping and dining area on the southside of Manhattan.  Todd and I had great seafood and enjoyed watching schooners to speed boats come in and out of the port.  Another great place to visit if you are in the city...