Soulfest 2006
Reflecting on 9/11

Faith Healer


Last Saturday, I was privileged to make it for the final weekend of a play I desperately wanted to see this summer called Faith Healer with Ralph Fiennes, Cherry Jones and Ian McDiarmid.  It lived up to my expectations!  This play tells the story of a traveling faith healer (Frank Hardy), his long-time lover (Grace) and his devoted manager( Teddy). As the three bare their innermost thoughts, they ask potent questions about who we trust, what we know and why we believe.  It was all performed in monologue by each of the 3 actors and then a final monologue by Ralph Fiennes.  In my opinion, Cherry Jones stole the play! Her portrayal of Grace Hardy, Frank's wife, was captivating.  It was a very emotional monologue filled with desperation yet a strength in her character that you admired.  The combination of these 3 very powerful actors made it so memorable to me.