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Go for it!

OK, so you probably thought I dropped off the face of the worries!  Just out of town alot and , yes, there have been other things to keep me away like the fact that I have been not feeling well because I'M PREGNANT!  I know, just excuses, but I'm back, baby!

When I was younger, I never saw myself past the age of 35...I don't know...I just didn't think past that.  Well, I'm 2 years away from that now so I have been doing some thinking about it! I dreamed big things for my life...growing up in rural South Louisiana was awesome, but I wanted to breakaway (thanks, Kelly Clarkson!) I had alot of things on my list as a kid that I wanted to do and see.  I have made a dent in that list, but have alot more places to see and things to do.  My dreams have been realized on many fronts, but there are some things on that list that I am still working towards.  Where am I going with this?  I just want to put it out there that these dreams and passions that we all have are so important.  You may think they are childish and that you have already set the course of your life.  I just want to say GO FOR IT!  I am living in NYC now and doing things I did dream about.  I could not have seen the course my life would have taken for me to get here and yes, there have been some really tough times.  But I am learning that the suffering is the only way it happens...not through easy stuff, not through easy choices...only through pain and heartache..OH, BUT THE REWARD!  As a follower of Jesus Christ, I surrendered my life to Him many years ago.  Through that surrender and a personal relationship with Him, I have found that He has never desired for me to live my life in denial of who He created me to be.  He has only opened doors for me to become the person He has created me to be.  Do I get it all the time?  Heck, no.  Do I think I know a better way?  oh yeah...But when I listen to Him and I read the Bible, He speaks to me and reveals to me His way...oh, and His way it definitely much better than mine.  So, this is where I am today...go for only have one life on this earth and the words of Robin Williams from my favorite movie of all-time, Dead Poet's Society..."We are food for worms..."