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The Kitchen Club


Saturday night is our weekly date night and most of the time, we don't have a plan.  We just set out to a different part of the city that we haven't been too very much and just pick a restaurant that looks good.  Well, last night, we hit the jackpot!  Todd and I stumbled upon THE BEST restaurant in NYC that we have come across since we moved here in December. The Kitchen Club is a quaint little restaurant on Prince Street in the East Village owned and operated by Chef Marja Samson. Sake and Dumplings are her specialty.  The restaurant has a French-Asian decor and is accented by her French bulldog, Chibi, who looks like he owns the place!  I had spinach and shrimp dumplings and then Mahi-Mahi for dinner.  Todd had a steak salad that was out of this world! We will definitely visit again.