Walking on the Moon
Watercolor Landscape

Another year


Today was my birthday - yes, I am officially 21...(yeah) anyway, it was filled with e-mail cards from friends (today I was thankful for e-mail!) and phone calls and a couple of good meals with friends.  So I am contemplating another year of my life now and I have to say..what a ride!  The places I have visited, the people that I have met, the beauty around me that I have experienced - I am overwhelmed.  I feel very blessed to have the husband, daughter, parents, sisters, and friends that God above has given me the privilege to do life with everyday.  I feel younger and more alive in some ways than I did 10 years ago - I attribute that partially to just growing up in some areas and discovering the joy of contentment as you age.  Not that I have arrived or that I am not in process, but I am choosing today to celebrate in all areas of my life.  So, have a piece of cake for me today and count your blessings...It is the greatest gift I have given myself this year...