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Why Church?

The hardest thing for me about attending church is my familiarity with the whole deal.  I grew up in a preacher's home and I have been on staff at various churches in some role for almost 12 years.  I have attended a variety of worship services from the Don't-even-think-about-making-a-sound-in- here to the did-we-even-talk-about-God-at-all experience and everything in between.  It's hard for me to even sit in a service and not immediately start dissecting elements.  My brain is messed up - I know that and I have to deal with that.  BUT, before you begin to think I have become a cynic (which there have been times in my life that I definitely fell into that category) I do have something positive to say. In the last year,  I have sensed in my soul a need to connect the past with the present when I worship God corporately more than ever-total connection.  I didn't grow up with alot of tradition in our worship style which I think gave me the opportunity as a teenager to engage with my dad in planning services.  However, there is something that stirs in my heart when I hear about how faith in Christ has withstood the ages through wars, sickness, government, and man's arrogance.  When I participate in responsive readings written many years ago, I feel connected to those writers.  When I read aloud from God's Word with other people who are on this journey with me, I feel connected to them.  When I sing a song written last week, I am overwhelmed at the freshness of God's Spirit in our lives.  When I sing a song I have known since childhood, I am connected to a God that knew me before I really knew Him.  This TOTAL connection I speak of I experienced yesterday when I attended Trinity Church in Greenwich, Conn.  There was a freshness as well as a respect for the sacred that engaged me wholeheartedly.  I worshiped God and my heart was encouraged.  Thank you, Ian, and your team for creating a worship experience that allowed me, the calloused-sometimes-cynical worshiper to drop my guard for a moment and commune with God.