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My DaVinci Code Movie review


In spite of the negative reviews of the movie, we saw it last night.  Most of the time, I really don't believe reviews because I end up loving a movie that critics hated! Unfortunately, this time, they were right.  I did read the book so I know I had some expectations, but it was such a disappointment.  I am a huge Hanks fan - probably the worst acting I have ever seen from him.  Not only was it slow, the actors lacked emotion and they were not believable.  With SUCH a great cast, I was so frustrated with the lack of character development.  Paul Bettany as the monk was the most believable.  The way it was shot was boring.  They revealed things that didn't need to be stated. OK - I could just go on, but I won't.  If you enjoyed the novel, rent the movie in a few months.  Don't waste your $10.  Go see Over the Hedge with your kids - it was great!