Tribecca Film Festival
Socrates in the City - Beyond Narnia

United 93

I ushered last night at the Tribecca Film Festival for the theater for families of 9/11 to view United 93.  Robert DeNiro, founder of the festival, welcomed the families to the showing and introduced the film's writer/director/producer, Paul Greengrass and others associated with the making of the film.  When I saw the trailer for it recently on TV, I did not want to see it.  But, I watched it last night and I am glad that I did.  Mr. Greengrass did a tremendous job of telling the story, but at the same time, he did not overwhelm us with images that frankly, we can't get out of our heads anyway without having to see them again on the big screen.  It is rated R for violence and I agree with that rating.  However, if you have read any of the stories from families of the heroes of Flight 93 (i.e.  - Lisa Beamer's book Let's Roll), you feel connected to them and it was griping to see them portrayed.  Whether you agree or not with this movie even being made, you need to see this film.