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Socrates in the City - Beyond Narnia

Last night, I attended an event called Socrates in the City. This is a forum where "people can begin a dialogue on 'Life, God, and other small topics' by hearing a notable thinker and writer...".  This was the first event like this sponsored by SITC and the forum's founder, Eric Metaxas.  We watched the Broadway premiere screening of "Beyond Narnia" that I mentioned last week.  The event was held at the historic Lamb's Theatre on 44th Street. After we viewed the film, there was a panel discussion with the writer/director Norman Stone, Anton Rodgers  (who played Lewis in the film), a Lewis historian, Dr. Thomas Howard, and Bel Kaufman who was a personal friend of Lewis's wife, Joy Davidman.  They talked about the amazing relationship between Lewis and his wife, Joy.  Bel commented on how much of a rebel Joy was in her day when she attended Hunter College, a school for all women at that time.  The most interesting part of the evening was the last question which was in reference to the Santa Clause figure in The Lion, The Witch , and the Wardrobe. The Lewis actor, Mr. Rodgers, and the Lewis expert, Dr. Howard had very different opinions.  Rodgers believed that Lewis inserted this figure because this book was written for children.  Dr. Howard believes that this figure is a contradiction to the story and from a literary perspective feels that it is not consistent with the story.  I have wondered myself about the Santa Clause figure.  But, I believe that Mr. Rodgers is correct in that a 7 year old would mix Santa into this story.  Since Lewis wrote these stories from the perspective of how a child would see Narnia, that makes more sense to me.  The film is excellent - it gives you the beginning to end story of Lewis's life.  It needs to be a definite addition to your DVD library.