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Easter in the news

Metro Detroit

THE PERSISTENCE OF FAITH: Christians reach beyond Easter uproar to find hope

April 14, 2006

215pxrussian_resurrection_icon BY DAVID CRUMM


Easter, Christianity's cornerstone, is at hand, and nearly 200 million Americans say they plan to go to church.

But the central meaning of the holiday is more hotly debated than at any other time in American history.

Did Jesus really die on the cross? Not in "The Da Vinci Code," the best seller due to hit movie theaters next month.

If he did die, who killed him? Historians say it was Jerusalem's Roman rulers. But last week, the National Geographic Society unveiled a long-lost gospel that claims Jesus stage-managed his own death.

Maybe Easter really was a huge political protest. This spring, Bible scholar Marcus Borg is arguing that Jesus' triumph over his Roman death sentence was a rebuke by God of all imperial leaders.

Such sizzling speculation about Easter is "so confusing to people that there is real danger that it could steal or destroy people's faith," Guy Gailliard of Clinton Township said this week. He has a unique perspective, because tonight he will dress up as Jesus and be crucified in a pageant at Greater Grace Temple in Detroit.

"It's very disturbing to hear all these new claims about our faith," Mary Lafter, a member of St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church in Troy, said this week. "People need to remember that a lot of these things ... are really fiction, written by people who want to sell books.

"Most Christians know what Easter means. In our church, we say it, 'Christos anesti!' That means 'Christ is risen!' ... That's the real story."

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Dumb Christianity?

Last night, some of our staff attended a lecture by Dr. Ravi Zacharias at Columbia University.  At the end , he gave students the opportunity to Q & A with him.  I was particularly intrigued by one question from a student - what is wrong with America's churches?  His answer was brief and concise.  Basically, Dr. Zacharias believes that the American church has dumbed down the Bible to its congregation.  He believes that we have given more emphasis to music than the teaching of God's Word.  He stated that the American church gives quick,simple and pat answers to some of life's toughest questions.  He believes the hope for the church will be found in this next generation of young people.

I witnessed this new generation of young people who could change America this past January at the Passion 2006 conference.  Over 18,000 people were in attendance, most between the ages of 18-25. Let me set the stage...We spent about 40 minutes worshiping God in song - new worship songs, older worship songs, and ancient hymns - a variety of music in a totally rock-n-roll format.  People were not listening - they were participating!  On their feet worshiping God, singing, dancing...then we are seated with very little transition and Dr. John Piper steps up in a suit and tie and very traditionally asks us to open our Bibles.  For the next 45 minutes, He teaches an expository sermon on Christ's suffering.  His take away?  We are called to suffer and share in Christ's suffering because this is how God's glory is revealed.  Then we worshiped again in response to what we heard...

This generation is hungry for more.  I think Dr. Zacharias is on to something that we definitely need to consider...

You're Invited

Allaccess300So you may have heard that this Sunday is Easter Sunday...and maybe you haven't been to church since Christmas, last Easter, or maybe in quite sometime.  I want to invite you to my church - The Gallery Church of Manhattan.  If you live in the Metro New York City area, come check us out at 4:30 pm or 7 pm in Chelsea on 28th Street between 6th and Broadway.  There will be modern music and a great talk from the Bible, so come as you are..unless you want to run out and buy an Easter bonnet...

Chelsea Market

Buildingxl One of the things that I enjoy so much about my job at Gallery Church is that I lead our Creative Team meeting each week which involves me choosing a creative space to brainstorm and share ideas.  Today, we met in the historic Chelsea Market in Lower Manhattan.  The 800 feet long indoor market offers so many different kinds of food to choose from and is also the home of the Food Network, NY1, Sterling Sound, Oxygen Media, and Major League Baseball Productions. The history of the building is quite amazing as well.  This is a true New York experience to check out when you visit the city.Market


All of us have our favorites when it comes to our picks for our favorite screenplays.  Something that is well written sends chills down my spine!  Some of my favorites are Dead Poet's Society, Gladiator, and the one that was recognized as THE BEST script ever written.  Check this out...

Th33390010LOS ANGELES, California (Hollywood Reporter) -- "Casablanca" has topped the list of "101 Greatest Screenplays," a first-ever ranking by members of the Writers Guild of America that was revealed Thursday night at a reception in Beverly Hills.

The screenplay for "Casablanca," by Julius Epstein, Philip Epstein and Howard Koch, was followed, in order, by Mario Puzo and Francis Ford Coppola's "The Godfather," Robert Towne's "Chinatown," Herman Mankiewicz and Orson Welles' "Citizen Kane" and Joseph Mankiewicz's "All About Eve."

"This list and the films on it are meant to be scrutinized and criticized, dissected and collected, viewed and reviewed," WGA West president Patric Verrone said. "They are the literature of our industry and the legacy of our union."

Added WGA East president Chris Albers: "It's difficult to think of American life without the films on this list. Just reading the titles reminds us of the fantastic journeys they have provided."

The results, sponsored by the unions and Premiere magazine, were revealed at a gala tribute at the Writers Guild Theater.

Members nominated more than 1,400 screenplays. Any produced screenplay was eligible regardless of era or language.

Rounding out the top 10 are Woody Allen and Marshall Brickman's "Annie Hall," Charles Brackett, Billy Wilder and D.M. Marshman Jr.'s "Sunset Blvd.," Paddy Chayefsky's "Network," Billy Wilder and I.A.L. Diamond's "Some Like It Hot" and Coppola and Puzo's "The Godfather Part II."

Three writers -- Allen, Coppola and Wilder -- had four films on the list, while three others had three: William Goldman, John Huston and Charlie Kaufman.

Forty-five were original scripts, while 56 were adaptations; the list also was heavy on dramas (60) as opposed to comedies (26) and comedy/dramas (15).

Full credits and the complete list can be found at

CIVA: Celebrating 25 years

I was introudced to this organization a few months ago when I joined IAMChristians in the Visual Arts  first met to disucss the place of Christian artists in the church and the world.  Through their publications, I have been introduced to some great artists and great reading.  Click on this link to see some recommended reading from CIVA.  I highly enjoyed Objects of Grace: Conversations on Creativity and Faith.096587983601

Gallery EP released

Galleryep Check out our new EP at the Gallery Church featuring music from Brett Younker and myself.  If you live in the New York City area, go to Gallery EP and you can receive a FREE copy!  If you live outside of the NYC, stay tuned for details on how to get your copy.

Brett is our main worship leader here at The Gallery Church.  He is a a great songwriter and a gifted worship leader.  Brett is available to lead worship for retreats and camps.  Contact him at

The song "Fragile" that I co-wrote and perform on the EP was in response to the events of 9/11 and the change in our world because of that event.

I have always said about myself that "I write the songs that I cannot sing...!"  I have had the privilege of writing songs mainly for other artists over the past few years, but I am now moving in a different direction in this season of my life.  I am turning my focus in my songwritng to my personal journey as a singer/songwriter.  I want to speak to the heart of people I meet and to those that I lead in worship at the Gallery Church.  I am excited to see what happens!

Ipod Worship

So I got an Ipod about 9 months ago when I lived in Atlanta...didn't  use it everyday because I was always driving everywhere and listening to the radio or a CD.  Now living in the city and walking or taking the subway everywhere, I take it with me everyday!  I feel like I am walking around sometimes in my own personal music video...listening to whatever and watching everyone go by.  Tonight , it was raining as I was going to meet a friend at Starbucks... not too cold, really kind of peaceful.  I was listening to "Redeemer, Savior, Friend" by David Kaulfman since I am singing it this weekend in our service and my heart was moved as I looked at the people around me.  During the Easter season, I always ask God to soften my heart again toward the cross - to help me once again see His suffering for me and experience it in a new and fresh way.  Well, tonight as I sang the words to myself , I saw Jesus as the Redeemer of this city and I felt His passion for them.  It invigorated my thirst for My Savior once again...the words of the 2nd verse say it so well.


"Every stripe upon Your battered back- Every thorn that pierced Your brow. Every nail drove deep through guiltless hands said that Your love knows no end - Redeemer, Savior, Friend."

©1999 Integrity's Hosanna! Music / Integrity's Praise! 
Words and Music by Darrell Evans and Chris Springer

Ice Age and Global Warming

Ia2_language_select_01 I am not a scientist..don't claim to know everything about global warming.  But if Sydney was old enough, she would have asked me today alot of questions that I would not have been able to answer after seeing Ice Age 2:The Meltdown. So I left the theater with the mindset to know more about this on both sides.  We have all heard the argument that this is a reality and the argument that this isn't real. But for me, as a parent, I want to know both sides so that I can answer by daughter intelligently!  Whose with me?

Check out these sites...

EPA  global warming  climate hotmap  Citizen Joe