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Ipod Worship

So I got an Ipod about 9 months ago when I lived in Atlanta...didn't  use it everyday because I was always driving everywhere and listening to the radio or a CD.  Now living in the city and walking or taking the subway everywhere, I take it with me everyday!  I feel like I am walking around sometimes in my own personal music video...listening to whatever and watching everyone go by.  Tonight , it was raining as I was going to meet a friend at Starbucks... not too cold, really kind of peaceful.  I was listening to "Redeemer, Savior, Friend" by David Kaulfman since I am singing it this weekend in our service and my heart was moved as I looked at the people around me.  During the Easter season, I always ask God to soften my heart again toward the cross - to help me once again see His suffering for me and experience it in a new and fresh way.  Well, tonight as I sang the words to myself , I saw Jesus as the Redeemer of this city and I felt His passion for them.  It invigorated my thirst for My Savior once again...the words of the 2nd verse say it so well.


"Every stripe upon Your battered back- Every thorn that pierced Your brow. Every nail drove deep through guiltless hands said that Your love knows no end - Redeemer, Savior, Friend."

©1999 Integrity's Hosanna! Music / Integrity's Praise! 
Words and Music by Darrell Evans and Chris Springer