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Getting her hands dirty

I normally blog about my family on our cullenhouse blog, but this is such a big deal to me as a creative person.  My daughter has not been a fan of getting her hands dirty in anyway, shape or form.  Yes, that may seem normal since she is a girl, however, her mother could not be more opposite!  Anyway, we go to a weekly art and music class at the Children's Museum of Manhattan and I do some art projects here at the house, but not with a lot of luck.  Well, yesterday, Sydney decided that fingerpaint rocks!  She played and designed stuff for almost an hour!  We had a blast!  Todd came home and just laughed at the 2 of us with paint and glitter everywhere!

"I found I could say things with color and shapes that I couldn't say any other way.. things I had no words for."   - George O'Keeffe"