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DaVinci Code reflections

So, I finished The DaVinci Code last night...yes, I am one of the few people left in the world that had not read it..(to be honest, I am just cheap and I have been waiting for the paperback to come out which did at the end of March).  If you haven't heard enough talk from people about this book, then keep reading...As an avid fiction reader, I enjoyed it.  It kept me engaged the whole way.  As a Christian, I had every swing of emotion..anger, frustration, humor (sometimes, I just had to laugh at the absurdity of the claims in the plot!), concern for people who are not very well read on the authenticity of Christ that this may confuse them, excitement at the conversations that I hope to have with people when the movie comes out.  Overall, it tweaked my interest! I am not fearful of what I know to be true - that somehow learning more and discovery will negate what I know and believe.  I am fearful of what is unexplored.  This book gives me the opportunity to engage in conversation about why I believe that Jesus is who He claims to challenges me to put feet to my motivates me to share the truth.  By the way, doesn't the first page say this is a work of fiction?