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Artists moving out

From Brewing culture...I have witnessed this with new friends that I have met in the city..this is really happening...

1518a "New York’s preeminence as a creative capital could soon be in jeopardy, as emerging artists—an essential component of the city’s cultural sector—are being priced out of the city. According to a recent report, the city's creative sector—comprised of artists, photographers, designers, composers and writers—is facing increasing economic uncertainty related to a lack of stable employment. Over 40 percent report making less than $35,000 last year, half have little to no personal savings, and over a third lack proper health insurance. Ninety percent cited "unstable income" as the major disadvantage of their chosen profession. All these factors, the study suggests, means that the city’s creative class—including its emerging artists—may leave New York in favor of cities with a "lower cost of living and developing creative centers.” Filmmaker and video artist Matt Sheridan Smith, who has been splitting his time between New York and Berlin for the last four years, is intimately familiar with the problem. “In terms of creative production, New York seems to be getting more and more untenable. I can make enough money to produce bigger works here, but then I don't have enough money left over to live,” Smith says. Many of the financial woes of New York’s cultural sector boil down to the simple question of real estate: the lack of affordable apartments and artist studios, even in the “cheap” fringes of the city."

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