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Going to an Art Museum

I am reading this book Art for Dummys and honestly, it has been great...Living in a city like this, I am very intimated by the incredible culture of art that surrounds me all the time.  When I hear some of my artist friends talking about different painters, sculptors, and photographers, I want to at least have something to offer the conversation!  I love art, but have not been exposed to it like I am now and I want to know so much more! Thomas Hoving, the author of Art for Dummys, was a former director of the Metropolitan Museum of Art here in New York.  In one of the early chapters, he talks about the basics of actually going to a museum.  He says to find the gift shop first and buy postcards. Postcards will have the works of art that you will want to see.  Flash these cards at a guard and ask for directions to them.  He also encourages you to listen to a CD of music that was created during the same period as the art you are viewing.  Those are a couple of tidbits I have picked up and I am looking forward to using them when I visit the MoMA very soon.  Back to my book...