Brewing Culture

The Power of the Cross

As we enter this season in our faith of looking toward the cross, I have been very challenged by some thoughts from Steve Turner from his book Imagine...a vision for Christians in the arts.

"For the Christian, the cross is the event in which everything finds resolution.  We deal with fears, hunger, wars, injustice, alienation and other problems in the short term with consolation, food diplomacy, campaigns and friendship, but we know that the human condition can only be ultimately healed through the effects of what was achieved on the cross."

"The true 'offense of the cross' is the offense to our pride when we are told that we are sinners in need of salvation and that salvation comes not through our own efforts but through an unattractive looking first -century execution."

"There is often very little content to God.  He could be your God, my God, or anybody's God.  But Jesus brings definition, and the cross brings even more definition.  The Word is one thing.  The Word became flesh is another."