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Movie shoot on our street

From today through Friday of this week, our street has been taken over with semi-trucks and trailers for a movie shoot.  The movie is called Pride and Glory and is about a three-generation family of cops whose moral codes are tested starring Colin Farrell, Edward Norton, Samanta Morton, Jon Voight, Lake Bell, and Noah Emmerich.  We are hoping sometime today or tomorrow to get a sneek peak of shooting.  We are right across from the 79th Street Boat Basin where they are shooting.  You may remember the Boat Basin from "You've Got Mail" when Tom Hanks is working on his boat and the kids get dropped off with him for the day.  As Todd was leaving this morning, he said that he overheard one of the production assistants radio someone "Mr. Norton (Edward) will be here in 20 minutes."  Just a normal day on the Upper West Side! (yeah, right...)