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I have just been introduced recently to a movement called Artisan.  Stuart Haseldine is one of the contributors and wrote an interesting article about the role of film today and its impact on the church.  Here is an excerpt...

"Star Wars creator George Lucas once said that, for better or worse, filmmakers have become the priests of modern society. In my opinion he’s half-right.

Priests used to be the opinion-formers and dream-shapers of world culture, and the modern mass art forms of film and popular music have drained some of their influence by giving us things we’re more interested to watch and listen to; vividly-told big-screen journeys and rousing musical confessionals which express our innermost dreams and desires WITHOUT judgement, and WITHOUT the requirement for us to do anything – to change our lives in any way – in order to achieve personal happiness.

And that’s the difference. That’s why it’s a mistake for Christians to think filmmakers and songwriters have simply replaced priests in order to perform the same basic function. Because if we think that we’ll delude ourselves that things can one day change back. That a revival will come and we’ll all stop going to the movies and listening to music in favour of a mass return to the great Sunday sermon.

That’s never gonna happen, boys and girls. Last century, Western society made a fundamental shift from formal to informal, from authoritarian to anti-authoritarian, from dictatorship to democracy and we’re not going back. Not in this life anyway, because we no longer trust our leaders and those of us who don’t know any better don’t trust God anymore either..."

You can read the entire article at this link.